Day 67 part 2- Clean in vain

So in Oct before the tourism season began, we had cleaned up the cafe completely. Washed it down, repainted it, gotten more work tables built, painted the benches and organised everything.

Not even 2 months in and everything is once again a mess. Now I know I’m slightly obsessed with cleaning up… but this isn’t just dirty according to me. It’s almost unhygienic. 

What was the whole point then? I rarely eat at the cafe precisely because of this. 

Today I told C about it and she agreed that the standards keep dropping. But she isn’t doing anything about it. I know she is in a bad place in life. And I care for her. But this isn’t fair… to the people who order, to her partner or to me who put in so much effort.

But then several customers have seen the mess and they don’t seem to care.

Guess I’m more than a little obsessed!


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