Day 67 part 3- Me to Mommy

Today my life changed. Not in a bipolar topsy turvy way. But in a beautiful life has meaning way.

In the evening when I reached the cafe, in came this dog from nowhere. It lay down in the cafe through the day and then followed me around wherever I went. When I took my bike to go out, it tried to hop on in the front. But hopped off as soon as I said down…

It has a collar and seems very well trained. I asked around but noone seemed to know where she was from.

So I’ve named her Cleo and brought her home. She is a cross of something with a Labrador. She is cute, hungry and in need of a bath. And she is adorable!

For the time being I’ve fed her, given her water, a sheet to lie on and tied her collar with a string loosely too my door inside my room. This weekend I’ll get her vaccinated, bathed and then let her free inside the house. Until then it’s better to be safe. I’ve been petrified of lice or ticks going into my orifices thanks to House.

But when she hopped on and sat on my bike all ready to come along, all my fear vanished. I felt nothing more than love and care and affection. I felt like a parent.

Today I got Cleo (Since I first named her Leo thinking she was a male. Added a C in memory of my aunt’s dog, a Himalayan Lhasa apso, that bit me on my face when I was a kid… I still have the scar on my left cheek) in my life and I became so much more than me! Thank you life. Thank you Cleo. 🙂


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