Day 68 part 4- The echoing lies

Momma loves you. Momma loves Cleo. Cleo is going homeee… Cleo is going homeee… momma and Cleo going homeee…

On and on and on I said while she sat in the front leg rest area of my scooter… obediently, excitedly, resting her head on my knee and staring as the world went by.

She was happy. Safe. Loved. Warm. Excited.

Though abandoned by her former owners, she had found me.

And I left her. At the cafe for a few hours so I could figure out where to keep her and get some sleep since I’d been up for 40hrs straight. But I left her. The cook went home for lunch.

And she was abandoned again.

I wonder if she ran away or someone took her or just lost hope. I wonder if she is fed and safe and warm. I wonder if she remembers me. Remembers the lies I told her. Coz I do. They echo in my mind all day long.

Cleo’s going homeee… Cleo’s going… !


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