Day 70- Power me up

And once again today there was no power from early morning till 4pm. I tossed and turned and kept dozing off until 2pm. When the ugly cruel owner who made me lose Cleo started burning all the dried leaves that they had swept into a pile. The smoke came right into my room and almost choked me. And I woke up coughing.

Then after having a slice of bread and water, since I can’t cook without electricity, I went back to sleep till 3.

I finally managed to drag myself out of bed with hunger and have a bath and get ready to leave and ta da… The power comes back.

But with a scripting deadline and ravenousness, I decided to head to the cafe. Little did I know that I would soon be ecstatic.

No cleo didn’t return but I found her. In another shop lying on the porch while a kid was petting her. She is happy and safe. And that’s all I needed to know!

Thank you Cleo, for coming into my life and bringing in all the sunshine and colour. I love you.


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