Day 73 part 2- Depression

I think I’m slipping into depression. I did manage to have breakfast despite not wanting to get off the bed. Then slept till 3pm and finally made lunch and had it by 5. 

I tried really hard to go out to buy what I need or to the cafe. But wasn’t able to.

Luckily for me they understood and since the cook can’t be alone for the night shift, we are shutting the cafe at 9 tonight.

After the demonetization, there have hardly been any customers on a regular basis. Today being a Monday, there will be practically noone. The loss will be max about 300Rs. Which really isn’t much.

Why then an I dying of guilt? Why can’t I be ok that I did this? I have to write and share samples for a scripting assignment I took up… I shared a set on Friday and they needed some changes. Have to share them today but I’m unable to do anything other than cry and obsess.

Stupid stupid depression!


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