Day 73 part 3- Drama

People drink tea or coffee everyday. Sometimes twice or thrice a day. It’s part of their day. Part of their routine.

I like having tea when I eat spicy food. Of late I’ve been having tea regularly. On a day when I don’t have it, I crave it.

So? Make a cup of tea and have it, right?


I think… why do I want tea? Do I really want it? Am I addicted to tea? Do I get addicted to things very easily? Isn’t it fattening? Am I depressed? Is that why I want fattening things? Why am I not doing anything about losing weight? Sugar. Maybe I want sugar and hence want tea. Can I just eat a cookie instead? Is that more fattening… and so on for a long long time.

Finally I get frustrated and have tea and some junk.

So well!

Black coffee doesn’t make me think. But then well… mania!


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