Day 74 part 1- Life plan

I have attained Nirvana. The blessed state of universal understanding not the foo fighters before they became, well, the foo fighters (you know, when Curt(Kurt Cobain) was still there and music was still alive)

I have realised how to plan my life out. Not what I want to do. Or who I want to be with. Or whether I want to marry again… all that I still don’t know. But my day to day existence I seem to have a better grasp on.

1. Have a healthy routine. Eat, exercise, sleep, drink water. Adequately and well timed.

2. Find work that can make me financially independent without the stress of having to kill myself with well stress.

3. Count down to depression when house and I start becoming messier. Count down to mania when I start getting less and less sleep. And don’t try to count down to anxiety. You’ll know when it hits.

4. On the day of mania/ depression/ anxiety, take a day off. Eat, sleep, stare at nothingness, cry, don’t eat, don’t sleep, fret, cry more, junk, watch Netflix marathon, cry again, bathe 5 times, don’t bathe, panic, run, breathe, don’t breathe… but take full day off guilt free. Cancel all plans. No excuses. No conditions. TAKE DAY OFF! Indulge.

5. Thanks to being bipolar II by the next day I’ll snap back into some semblance of normalcy. Not that I’ll be fine. But I’ll be functional, productive. 

6. Repeat from point 1.

For everything else, don’t make plans. Just let life take it’s course. Enjoy. Have fun. Experience. Do whatever you want to.

Yaaaaay… Sorry Curt, What else should I say? No apologies! 😉


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