Day 74 part 3- The Awakening 

I slept a while after breakfast and woke up only around 2pm. Since I wasn’t hungry and not really in the mood to go buy provisions or write the script, I’ve been just lying in bed playing mobile games. It also gave me time to think.

I realised that C has been cheating me. Fooling me by saying the right things in order for me to feel sympathetic and be on her side. She manipulated me into being a bad friend to her business partner who I’ve known forever and has been an amazing friend to me. Unconditionally.

What she is doing with her personal life is also unfair to him but it’s none of my business and I shall butt out. But what she is doing to the cafe, is my business as well. Knowing and not telling him makes me a bad friend. But justifying her actions because of some misplaced projection of myself that I did on her… that’s just horrible.

When she returns I think I will be very blunt and clear with her. She can do as she wants but keep me out of it. Also about whether or not she wants to be part of the cafe, she should come clean to him. Else I will. I can’t stand by and watch as he puts in more money and effort and time into the cafe which she is slowly sabotaging coz she doesn’t want to be here. Atleast cut him free now. Yes he will be hurt. Yes he still hit loses. But it’s better than prolonging it till he gets completely crushed. He is an amazing person and deserves better.

Guess good people do end up bearing the brunt. 


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