Day 75 part 5- Chickening out

C had made the mix for chicken patties before she left for my personal use. I wasn’t too fond of how it tasted so I tried rectifying it by adding a chicken filling that I’d made by cooking chicken in milk. However the end result was anything but tasty.

I kept it for 2 days in the freezer wondering what to do with it or how to discard it.

Finally today I simply stated cooking it. I first dried it off on high heat and then cooked it using some local Goan masalas and oil.

The end result was yummmmmmm. A dry shredded flavoursome chicken mix that will be amazing in a sandwich or roll.

All i have now is the pic of my plate after I gobbled up the sandwich that I wrapped and brought along to the cafe. It was tasty enough for me not to stop and take a pic. 

So yaaaay, about the awesome sandwich and not wasting food after goofing up. 🙂

PS: have some more left at home. Shall upload pic tomorrow of the sandwich. 🙂


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