Day 75 part 5- Task manager 

I’ve been so forgetful and lazy that the only way I’ve been able to get things done is by being my own task master. I make to do lists every day and tick what’s done at the end of the day. Then make a list for the next day and grill myself when the undone things are much higher than the done things in a week. If the week has been bad because of depression, unknown reasons, etc, then I give myself leeway.

Last night my list for today included 14 items. With A persistently nagging me, I added sleep and eat and read and clean up in the list.

And out of the 14 things I’ve completed 9. Yaaaaay!

After this post, I shall work on my book for a bit which will reduce one more 🙂

I still need to find a lawyer for some content related work I did, plan the strategy for my new company, plan the social media campaign for the cafe, exercise and sweep the house. But that’s ok. They can go on tomorrow’s list for now. 🙂


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