Day 77 part 1- Confused

After talking to C last night very very sweetly, I went home and spoke to A. Was feeling very guilty for having confronted C. At night she changed her dp to a saying that refuted somethings I said. I find such behaviour childish and immature. And got very worked up. I wrote a long message to her being more straightforward and confrontation but didn’t send it to her. Writing it was a vent for me.

Today I decided to talk to her about the dp. But not only was I active the whole day, we also spent quality time together when she seemed completely fine. So i am confused.

Is she bugged with me and still acting as a friend? Is her changing the dp into something so directly for me, not important? Should I talk and figure things out or just let it be?

I hate distress like this. Esp self created. And beyond all this anger and frustration, I love her. She is so hurt and needs someone so bad. I think she feels the same about me.

I’m so freaking confused!

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