Day 77 part 2- Travel

Today A dropped a bomb. He returns on the 23rd from new York and will come to Goa by the 27th. We’ll return to Bangalore together on the 1st.

However he will still be on the project and chances are he will have to go back to new York by Jan end. For 6 months!!

I can’t stay without him for that long. We were supposed to be moving forward. He was going to take his own place and soon we were going to live in.

6 months of time zone differences and not seeing each other will drive me crazy. Both of us.

I have to apply for a passport and visa so that I can have the option of being with him. But with no steady job here or family ties to show, getting a visa will be very very hard. Add to it the number of queues and interviews. 😦

Worse than all this is me having to tell R. How do you tell your ex husband who is still helping you out and supporting you that you are in love with someone and want to go to the US with them for a few months. How can I share this without making him feel like a loser for helping me out.

I’m so lost and confused. So what’s new, right? 😦


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