Day 78 part 1- The morning

So this morning I woke up at 8 after having sleepy for 4hrs. I decided to not continue sleeping but instead talk to A and then make breakfast and go over to C’s place. So with a yummmm mushroom bell pepper omelette, I went over to plan out the day at 9.

At 11 I returned home with evening plans since C was tired and sleepy and the rest of her plans she cancelled.

I suggested trying out the new menu dishes one by one at the cafe. Let’s hope she is interested. I get her, I really do. Don’t know why I still get frustrated with her. Think it’s my shortcomings I see in her.

Once back I chatted with A about both our dreams for the future, for our life, for everything. 

After about an hour an half, we both decided to get some sleep. 

I then had a couple of disturbing events which truly isn’t big but for me have been very unnerving.

All this tired me out and I fell asleep after only a light breakfast by 1pm. Now it’s 4pm and I’ve skipped lunch again.

When will I learn!!!


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