Day 80 part 1- Supertramp it is!

What a day this was. I can’t even begin to explain where it started and where it went.

After my depressed day at home, I finally reached the cafe at 8. And then the adventures began!

The cafe was unusually full today. And several people had come to watch the Arsenal Man City game which I was promoting on social media. I even started getting responses on Twitter and FB. So yaaaay on that front.

A group of British guys ordered beer and some food which they didn’t really enjoy. Completely understandable. But I over heard them telling each other that maybe if I spent more time in the kitchen and less watching the match, the food would have been better. Now given the way I think I would have loved for them to know that this isn’t my food. It isn’t even the kind of food I like. But I couldn’t.

This however made me realise how much I don’t want to be selling or representing things I don’t believe in. 🙂

After that, the night got amazingly crazy. Details in the next post.


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