Day 80 part 2- Pickup and drop

So our chef has been given permission to work at the cafe on the night shift by her husband on the condition that we drop her home after work every night. So after all the customers left and I was riding to her place we got talking.

She spoke about her family and her in laws and life in general. Then she suddenly said that when I leave this month end, she will miss me a lot. A wave of warmth melted my heart. I just smiled and said I’d miss her too.

As we reached her house, her 3 legged dog came running to greet me and i played with him for a few mins. A couple of other street dogs joined in and I spoke to all of them sweetly while while waiting for her to enter her house.

She stopped outside her door and said in Hindi… You are very sweet. You love everyone and are warm. That’s why animals love you so much. As do everyone else.

I laughed nervously. Didn’t know how else to react to such kind words. Esp on a day that I was so depressed.

A nice pick up on a bad day 🙂

And the night continued… 🙂

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