Day 80 part 4- The mango tree

After a nice long fun ride, I finally decided to go to The mango tree restaurant. With enough courage mustered up, I stopped my bike there and sat at the bar. It’s a place with good music and a nice vibe.

I ordered a Shirley temple, being off alcohol thanks to my ayurvedic doctor, plugged in my ear phones with my own music and cozied into my murakami that I’ve gotten hooked to. Happy, that I finally did this. Been wanting to for ages.

2 seats down were 3 guys from Bangalore who had come to the cafe a few days back and I’d gotten along with amazingly well. One of them had really attracted my attention given that he looked remarkedly like an ex I still have a huge crush on. The tall, dark, silky hair, Guitar playing biker types.

As soon as we saw each other at the bar we smiled and exchanged pleasantries. They then asked me to go over and I was so high from the ride and the act of going to the bar that I obliged immediately.

Then ensured 3hrs of amazing fun conversations. Jibes, jokes, anecdotes, shared histories… While sharing beer and criticizing the music. Fun, the kind that I once used to have. And thoroughly miss now.

It was simply amazing. Then as it became 4am, we decided to split when I suddenly realised that I’d left my wallet in my other bag. So I asked them to stay back for ten mins, rushed home faster than Greece lightning and returned with the payment. 

After exchanging numbers and promising to catch up in Bangalore, we all left.

I rode away, extremely happy and excited. And the night continued…


6 thoughts on “Day 80 part 4- The mango tree

  1. I remember them well, the tall, dark haired, guitar playing biker types. I liked mine with blue eyes if possible and a job. lol I’m happy for you, I would’ve been looking for the Tequila as soon as I noticed the 3 guys, I would’ve been so nervous. This is one of the reasons I stay home. lol

      • I was very close to someone who was born in India but his parents came to the U.S. when he was around 4. He went back to India when he graduated early from Rensselaer where he studied Sanskrit. He actually stayed with the Monks at a Monastery for quite a long time. Until he became ill and had to come home. He always said he wished he could take me to where he was born, it was so beautiful. He was beautiful, inside and out. But he said he would be too frightened for me. He went on to graduate from Harvard early becoming a Doctor then we lost touch. But what an amazing life all by the age of 25.

      • Oh wow! That must have been quite something. You should visit sometime if/when you can, it’ll be quite an experience. But it’s a very very difficult place to live in, esp if you aren’t very rich. There is no leeway for being mentally ill or understanding about such things in the urban/ semi urban areas. Weirdly the rural people are more empathetic though their life is much harder.
        But for someone who has never seen such Chaos, it can be quite unnerving. So come only if you are really prepared πŸ™‚ I’ll be here though πŸ™‚

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