Day 80 part 5- Light me up

Riding back home after the amazing time at mango tree, I decided to take the long road home and listen to music.. perfect end to an awesome night.

A few kilometres in and on a narrow dark stretch, my bike’s lights went off. Despite trying everything I could, they just wouldn’t come back up.

Finally I continued riding with my indicator on.

As I approached a cross road, a bike with 2 guys on it split from their gang and started following me. I sped as fast as I could in the dark foggy night with just the indicator for light.

My heart was pacing and i had an amazing adrenaline rush till I reached the junction before my house. The bike with guys overtook me and good naturedly sang out a couple of lines of the song they were singing loudly at me and rode off.

They weren’t chasing me or being bullies. But guess at 4am riding back alone after a thrilling night with no light can make your hyper active mind concoct up amazing stories.

So finally I got home at 4:15am with a brilliant adventure under my belt.

What a night!


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