Day 81- D Stress

Today was an aftermath day. The conversation with the guys at mango tree about what I was doing in Goa reminded me of why I’d come here in the first place and how by obsessing about my moods I’d completely wasted several days of Goaing.

So I woke up in the morning and made myself a yummm breakfast of pancakes with apples and bananas and egg.

Then I went on a marathon cooking spree finishing up all the veg I had purchased and making a ridiculously tasty beef fry.

Then I sent some work mails that have been pending and shared some ideas for a video that the ngo I’m tied up with was planning. All in all a productive day.

Towards evening my energy started wearing thin. So I decided to go to the cafe and collect my bike which the agent had taken for repair, return to a good meal and sleep.

However, C was so stressed out with work and her affair that she was a mess. A simple task like deciding whether to hire a new guy pushed her over the top and she just took her bike and left.

So after I locked up and dropped the chef home, I went hunting for C. I checked a couple of her favourite places and then decided to try calling her again.

Luckily she answered. She had ridden around and just reached home.

So after confirming she was fine, I rode around a bit more and then went home.

Wasn’t much but was definitely stressful. And an eye opener.


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