Day 82 part 1- The Countdown

After the discussion regarding the new company with A, I slept quite late. 5am I think. And despite repeatedly waking up during the day, I just couldn’t get up.

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 4pm and ate a meal of all the food I’d prepared the previous day while watching Gilmore girls.

I then decided not to wallow in the depression that was sinking in deeper and deeper and went to the beach with C. I sat with my feet in the water on the rocks far away from others. I listened to music, to the waves, to the world talking to me… I realised I have only 11 days left on my great adventure.

I’d come here with a list of things I wanted to do. To achieve. Serve purpose.

That list remains discarded somewhere. But goa did serve purpose. May not be the purpose I intended but it taught me several other things. It made me realise things I couldn’t even understand a while back. It gave me confidence.

After a while C came and sat near me. We spoke for a while and I was quite happy. Not irritated with her for disturbing my solitude. Progress!

I love her so much. And she loves me back. Why then can’t we stand each other after a while? I guess what’s important is that the irritation or anger always passes. Thank you Goa for giving me C. It wasn’t on my list but in my Eat pray love -isque Goan adventure, she has been more than love!


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