Day 83 part 3- Truth of mortality

It’s true what they say… Mortality is what makes life special.

I’ve always craved to be immortal. Forever… Such an amazing feeling that word has.

But now when from impulsively extending my vacation I’ve set the final return date, I’m actually taking way more effort to get the most out of Goa and this experience. Even on my depressive days.

Today after the beach, where I wore shorts… Yaaaaay, I went to the cafe. Once C reached, we went shopping for the cafe, I went home and cooked, ate on time, packed a sandwich for C and spent fun time chatting with her, listening to music, reading a book, talking to A and playing with Fi.

Now I’m home after the cafe has shut for the night. I’ll freshen up and head to mango tree where one of the guys who met me last time is waiting to catch up. He had dropped in at the cafe and left his number yesterday since I wasn’t there.

Another night of fun conversations. Another day of adventures!


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