Day 84- Day after date

I slept around 8 am after returning home at 6 and crying and obsessing over the giant loud mouth I was. I woke up at 2 and had a heavy lunch and a refreshing mix lemon soda for my hangover.

Then I spent a productive fun day chatting with C, going to the cafe, playing with Fi, rushing to the chef’s house when we thought her husband had met with an accident only to realise that he had gotten into a drunken brawl and then gone to sleep.

After C had her vent session regarding work stress, we decided to hog a nice meal from out since there was no power to cook at home.

So we shut the cafe early so that the chef could go home, bought a delicious 4 cheese pizza for C and a yummm butter chicken and naan combo for me and settled down at C’s place with some drinks.

We chatted and laughed and bonded. Nothing like butter and cheese with wine to wash it down to cheer both of us girls up 😉

 I returned home with a full stomach, in full Glee about my date which I discussed at length with A earlier today and ready to sleep.



7 thoughts on “Day 84- Day after date

  1. In addition to the natural over-analysing that goes extreme when we care about something going a certain way, alcohol is a depressant which does not help you, especially off meds. Please be kind to yourself.

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