Day 85 part 1- The mad morning

After going to sleep by 1am, I woke up at 5:30 feeling slightly tired and sleepy. I tried relaxing but I knew that mania would be hitting and I’ll just end up wasting time till 8 and then I’ll fall asleep and not wake up in time for breakfast.

So by 6 I chatted with C and decided to go have breakfast out since there was no power to cook at home. She was ready only by 7. So for that hour I played with Fi. The little thing was shivering in the cold and snuggled up to me when I went over.

Then she ran around, showed me how far up a tree she has learnt to climb, played with an imaginary mouse, and had loads of fun. 

Finally we headed out hunting for a good place to eat since the hotel C knew didn’t look like the food would be good for me, esp since doctor has told me not to eat from out. We were freezing and laughing and finally found a veg restaurant serving south Indian food.

So I had a tasty masala dosa and C had poiri bhaji. My treat.

Since C had to then rush to the city on some personal errand and her bike was at the cafe with the keys locked inside… She took my bike and dropped me at the cafe to wait for the chef to open up.

I cozied into a nice corner on the bench outside and read my Murakami while listening to Sia.

What a way to start a day! 🙂

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