Day 85 part 2- The Cow heard

While sitting at the cafe reading in bliss, a baby cow (calf) came near me and kept staring. Every now and then it would look away but then it would stare at me again. With its empathatic light brown eyes that were deep enough to see the whole world in them.

I felt so attached to it. So related to the world and energy and nature. There was a very strong connection. It was amazing.

The chef gave me some bread to feed it. But when I went out with the bread towards an empty plot where I could feed it, a big cow with horns started nudging me and then pushing me till I dropped the bread. In its attempt to eat the bread it even started chewing the plastic cover the bread was in. I had to get the help of another person to pull the cover out.

But the baby cow didn’t get any food. Ofcourse there was grass that it ate but nothing from me. It just came back and stood near my bench.

Maybe it knew I was happy yet lonely. Lost. Maybe it knew that I now know how to deal with life better and was saying good job. Maybe it knew that I was fighting my low desperately. Maybe my silent wails… It heard.


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