Day 87- The return of the Nirvana

After the excruciating day yesterday was, I had doubted if I would snap back into the state I was. Or would I have to regain those perspectives and reenlighten myself.

However, today I did snap back, and how!

After dealing with me almost through the night, A hadn’t gotten any sleep and had jet lag. So in the morning when I woke up after a couple of hours of crashing, we ended up almost in a tiff. That pushed me back a bit and I cried… But a normal reasonable amount.

Then I made breakfast, cooked lunch and dinner and went to the cafe to be with C and her partner.

We hung out and given my new found awareness regarding other people and their life and their problems not being my to dos, conversation was easy and smooth. Was fun. 

I realised how much I was judging their actions and hence being upset. I decided to accept who they are and interact in whatever capacity I can. Be there for them if and when they need.

We discussed some work, cleaned up their house, then I returned home to dinner and a long intense conversation with A regarding my book.

At night, after the cafe shut early, C and I rode around, chatted, played with Fi and had a nice time. 🙂 

After that, I again had an amazing conversation with A.

I’m so happy and everything is going so well that I’m scared. Very scared. A wants everything I want, said amazing things about our future. It’s a Christmas miracle.

I’m so happy. But I’m also scared. I don’t deserve such happiness. Not when there are such amazing people going through so much shit. So something bad is going to happen to balance this out. Hmmm… Anyway, shall smile to sleep now.

Goodnight folks. Wish you all a very merry Christmas. Thank you so much for all the love and support. Really!


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