Day 89- A returns

Today after 3 months of me being here, A is visiting again. He is back from the US and coming over for the new year’s week. So instead of having a heavy day and being stressed out and overwhelmed by the time he reaches, I decided to pace myself out and rest for an hour before his arrival.

I finished some cafe work, discussed C’s resume with her and buffed it up really well. Also managed to give her a nice lecture… the effects of which were amazing.

I have been stressing about staying with A for 4 days after having been alone for so long. I know I obsess about stupid things like cleaning up, etc which isn’t good. So today instead of taking effort when I was tired to clean up and epilate and dress up, I decided to tell him that I’m obsessing about all that and if I do manage to do everything, I’d be very tired. He was very happy that I was being honest and said he’ll be happy if I was just relaxing and rested when he reached.

With the happiness of that conversation, I got the energy to clean and dress up and go to the cafe. So yaaaaay!

His cab was 4hrs late thanks to bad planning by the airport authorities. But he wasn’t very tired when he reached.

So we had a nice dinner, went riding with C after the cafe shut for the night and then played with Fi 🙂

Nirvana, truly!


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