Day 3- Exhausted

Today despite not wanting to open my mouth the whole day, I dealt with a work crisis from an old project for about 2 hrs which involved multiple phone calls, cooked different meals even they were simple like bread and eggs, wore clothes and am ready to order home delivery of essential things which is a phone call and interaction with the delivery guy.

Instead of feeling appreciated for having achieved so much, it’s been pointed out to me that I said I’ll eat at 7:30 after tea at 5. Whereas I only had tea at 6, thereby delaying dinner as well. I think A was just fooling but I felt hurt and changed the subject. 

Why can’t I accept that only I have to understand these are my achievements. ONLY I! 

I worked, I cooked, I ate… Hell I wore clothes! I’m proud of me. 

How’s your day going?


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