Day 4- The revival

First recovery from depression of this year. Yaaaaay.

Am glad my cycles are this fast. It’s extremely intense but it passes in about 2 days. 

A and I’ve decided that I should switch off even from him on those days. This intensity is something he can’t handle or support me through either. Initially I felt bad but it makes sense. 

He has supported me for a year while I dealt with my baggage. Why should he continue supporting me while getting nothing in return? Why should anyone? 

The problem is that I am giving in return. It isn’t much but it’s all I have. Hahaha…

Can’t blame them if it really doesn’t mount to much. Right? 🙂

I feel like a snail in a cheetah race. However fast I try to run or how much ever effort I put in, I’ll never catch up. All I can do is keep trying I guess. 

Anyway, I finally managed to order drinking water and provisions for the month. Now just have to open the door for delivery. I managed to wake up by 3pm, have lunch and not cause any damage the whole day 🙂 Yaaaaay!!


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