Day 1- Back in Bangalore

My last dinner in goa- A pathetic meal that took so long that I missed out on doing the things I wanted to do one last time before leaving… Ride my dog bone shaped bike route, play with Fi, say bye to all the people who were a part of my life for these 3 amazing months, feel my house, my space one last time… And so much more.

A rushed through goodbye with C’s business partner and my childhood friend, because the dinner delayed up. 

A rickety ride to the airport and I was off. Back to Bangalore. 

At the airport our experience wasn’t great because we not just caught the red eye on the 1st of Jan but it was also the cheapest one of the flights at that time. Needless to say the crowds, the service, everything was horrible. 

But we had an amazing time. Laughing, cracking jokes, talking, hugging.

Thank you 2017. You have started out good. 🙂 


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