Day 5- The feast

Since my long term plan is to figure out something in the cooking space (a hole in the wall cafe in Goa), I’ve decided to start cooking things I want to. 

I plan to cook elaborate meals and call over a random mix of friends on a Sunday every month and socialise. One year of not interacting with anyone other than A and R when they are free to meet was a choice. My choice. I needed that time to clear my head and get functional. 

So, since it’s been ages that I cooked actual meals, I’ve decided to do so regularly whatever be the cost and experiment on A 🙂

Today, since I was alone and still slightly tired after the depression, I made a simple plate of Apple-Raisin pancakes with maple syrup, a bull’s eye, fried bacon and fruits. 

Now full and satisfied, I shall try to sleep early so that I reset my routine from tomorrow 🙂

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