Day 6 part 2 – Dance pe chance

So after phase 1, I didn’t sleep. Instead I relaxed while watching TV. Then I made fried rice for dinner, unpacked some more, washed all the remaining dirty clothes and even danced a bit. 

Then I had a luxurious bath and meant to walk to the local store to buy veg and curd (Since I messed up the curd I made by underestimating how cold it is currently). However bath, food and chat with A later, I’m feeling too lazy and tired to go. 

So will excuse myself with a convenient excuse such as- going tomorrow morning will get me some time in the sun as well. 🙂 How I’ll deal with being around people in the bright day light, I shall not think of 😉

Will now relax and watch TV. Hopefully if I start now, I’ll fall asleep by 1.

So goodnight folks. Another good day under my belt.

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