Day 8 part 1 – Rise and shine

After sleeping at 4, I was up by 8. Since waking up early is something I’ve had trouble with, I decided to not try to continue sleeping but get up and get some rest during the day if need be. 

So a nice cup of hot black coffee while preparing breakfast and I was all set to start my day. I stood in the sun to thaw a bit and then settled down with a hot plate of puttu with bananas, a traditional Malayali breakfast of steamed rice powder with coconut. I added some ragi powder for protein.

My house keeper who didn’t turn up yesterday might not come in today as well. Since her number is not reachable and A is planning to come over this evening, I have decided to clean up the place and after a nice lunch, head to bed till he reaches. 

Watching the Spring episode of the new Gilmore while eating. Feeling marginally better than yesterday. So yaaaay!

PS: the pic is from the last time I made corn puttu. Didn’t click today. Was too hungry to 😉


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