Day 8 part 2- Work and workout

Since my housekeeper didn’t turn up in the first half today as well and her mobile wasn’t reachable, I decided to clean up the place myself. I also secretly missed doing all the work I’ve gotten accustomed to over the past 3 months in Goa. 

After washing the vessels, I suddenly felt weak and tired, probably due to my lack of sleep. So I was resting when A called from office to check on me. For some stupid reason we ended up arguing and I spent the next half an hour crying. Then I realised how my mood swings were affecting us. So I sent him msgs to apologise and instead of obsessing and waiting for a response, I continued work. 

With Hindi music from the 90s in the background, I cleaned up, washed, tidied up, dusted and had a bath. Then after a decent meal of leftovers, I watched TV and slept for an hour. 

Since today was day 1 of my healthy lifestyle, I was supposed to walk for 20 mins. Instead, I converted my sweeping and mopping into exercise. So yaaaay. Victory on 2 counts. Not bad!


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