Day 9 part 2- Work fun and funny work

After breakfast, A sat to finish off his work for the day while I cleaned up listening to Tamil songs from my childhood. Suddenly the sun came out and we both rushed to the balcony to stand basking in it like dogs with their tongues out during a drive. We soaked in all the sun my apartment offers me and decided to venture out in the afternoon for a ride and movie. 

A believes and I agree that I need to try to get out more in Bangalore like I used to in Goa. However Bangalore being Bangalore makes it easy harder for me to do that. The traffic, the crowds, the dry heat and chilly colds, the judgemental people… Everything! But it’s way way easier to do it with him. Baby steps. 

So after a traditional mallu (malayali/ kerala) meal of rice, curd, sweet potato puzhukku (sweet potato boiled salt and turmeric and mixed with a ground coconut paste and garnished with heated coconut oil, chillies, curry leaves and cumin)and vendekka mizhikuvaratti (fan fried ladies finger) we went for a nice movie called Dangal at the theatre. 

We laughed, cried, hogged popcorn.I was fine. Fun even. We later went to Kalmane Cafe and had a coffee and muffin.

Now he has gotten a call from work since he is still working EST. And so like a couple of naughty teenagers, we rushed back home 🙂


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