Best laid plans

I meant to move out of my house and move in with my mom… Atleast till this suicidal depression passes. I’m back on therapy and medication so I’m hoping to recover soon. But now I’ve decided not to. 

I’ve realised that what my family is capable of and want to do is not serving the purpose that I need. So living with them expecting more and getting disappointed will not only add to how I’m already feeling but also spoil the relationship we currently share.

So disappointing or not, I shall create a family of my own. Friends I love and cherish enough to be family. Ofcourse when I did that, life decided to take them away from me by death. Since everything we were capable of fighting against.

So… In a couple of days I’ll be moving back home from mom’s place where I’ve temporarily set up tent. Will need all the strength and support I can get to snap out of my laziness. To take care of myself. To be safe. To do the things I want to do. To live.


4 thoughts on “Best laid plans

    • I agree. I wasn’t against medicine. I just felt that I was being overdosed because I had a lot of baggage to deal with which was aggravating my bipolar symptoms. I also thought that I was becoming strong enough to fight my illness without meds. My foolishness I agree. Coz a lot of energy was being wasted in only fighting the illness… Thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing. Really. Esp now. Thank you 🙂

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