If things that happen, make me junk instead of dealing with them in a healthier fashion, then that’s on me… It’s my mistake. Aware conscious me should know better. And should def try harder to do better.

But what if it’s stuff people say? And what if they say things despite knowing that it’ll affect me this badly. This adversely. Is it still on me? Or can they help by being sensitive?

But then… What if they can’t do any better? Then are we just a wrong match?

Advice please.


Movie mania

Watching movies back to back to get my head in place. Perspective, I have. The courage to do what’s needed and the determination to see something through… Ha!

I want C back. To talk to. To confide in. To support me. I need her.

In a world where love in my life meant very little, she was a friend. Why then did I get just 4 months with her? This is so unfair. Why did she die so young? Die. She is dead. 

Back to movies…