I have noone to even ping in frustration. No friends to reach out to vent or cry or even talk to. Tried catching up with a friend recently but turns out that other than girl talk or having fun, I can’t talk to her.

C is dead. So other than msging on her number on WhatsApp, there is nothing I can do. I try talking out loud to her.

Am I doomed to be alone for life? If so how do I come to terms with it?

Why did he come into my life, hurt me like all the others and then leave? And now act like he is the victim. Victim of what?

I thought I was better. That I was making better decisions. Choosing better human beings.

I was so wrong. I made the same mistake.

Instead of physical or sexual abuse, I found a partner who is emotionally abusive. Very. That’s another tick in that column!

Actually no. I’m not sad. I’m angry. Pissed off at him for being such a douche. And myself for falling for it.


4 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. I am new at this but I am bipolar with bad anxeity, I am in constance pain. My mother is the only person I have to turn to, but she can’t handle me anymore and wanted me to make other aragements in case of emergency. She said well surely somebody will call me and I said why, you want help me anymore.

    • It sucks! And the pain gets so unbearable… Yet we bear it. And we are considered weak.
      I know I’m not of much use… But if ever you need someone to talk to, I’m here. Ping me anytime 🙂

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