Can someone fucking care. Please.


Winds of change

Swooosh… I go through plants and trees

A wind, a tornado, a gentle breeze

Deftly from one intensity to another

I switch between with utmost ease

Sometimes sans control, sometimes at will

Sometimes the victim, at others, ready to kill

I swooosh through my days without a care

Like a bad habit or a mandatory fire drill

Sometimes I agree I stick to the norm

I’m music and love and cool when you are warm.

But then I flare up… With intensity doubled

I fight… I cry… I kick up a sand storm

When will I stop moving? This wasted life who will see?

Shadows of my memories, volcanoes of my past

Trap them, destroy them or let them be?

After all, aren’t they just versions of me!

Black day white

Don’t leave me, don’t go, don’t let go of my hand

Don’t stand there, far away, and lie that you understand

The pain, the trauma, the agony I go through

The fear that daily this list will have something new

Something black. Something grey. Something dense in every way

Something hard. Something sharp. Something mean that on and on you harp.

The pain will go. The trauma will pass. Tomorrow I’ll be a new lass.

Happy as a button. Talking nineteen to the dozen

Enjoying the day… Come whatever may

Until, “… Then what was the big deal…” I hear you say!

Jigsawed life…

Broken people we are

Lying scattered on the floor

Like pieces of a puzzle

Or the socks my dog tore.

Lay them out in order

Pick the best pieces

Patch them together

To form a complete us.

The rest of the bits

To keep or to throw

Or make another person

With the same core.