First step

How dare you speak to my mom like this
He asked pounding her with his fists
The pent up anger to his boss

Coming out in his blows
She suffered in silence as his parents watched without a care
And she thought to herself… Dare or stay there

Melting away in the summer sun
Carrying in her bags, a quarter of a ton
Provisions, that’s cheaper in this one far away place
Money saved gives her children fruits for a few more days
So what if her blood thickened to carry the weight
Veins are muscles too, aren’t they?
As usual she flagged down her bus
As usual he ignored her and cussed
Continued to roll the giant wheels on the tar
And stopped his bus 50 metres afar

50 metres
A mere second for Bolt, a lifetime for her
Yet wiping away her single tear
Limping with her shoe ridden with tears
She thought to herself… Dare or stay there

But when her child got a prize
Beaming with pride in her eyes
She rushed to hug and congratulate
But was greeted with disgust irritation and hate
Her warm gaze she turned to a stare
And finally thought to herself… I dare… And now, I don’t care.

Stop! She signalled with her raised hand.
Enough! She whispered to her husband.
Change… Coz you want to be spared
As I have dared… And stayed there!!


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