Parade Charade

Hey you, yes you in the grey
Aren’t you tired of being this way?
You’re the first to rally and colour your profile pictures
And when I come out, you gimme a lecture?
How long do you think you can run away from reality?
Feed me herbs, pray or get yogis to change my personality.
I just told you that I’m gay
Not that am an addict or going astray
To love who I want should be my choice
So stop this drama. Don’t make so much noise.
A man, a woman, both or none
Who I love doesn’t stop me from being your son
Broad minded that you are, I thought you’d beam with pride
But seeing the look in your eyes, a part of me died
Now I’m out of the closet, I won’t go slow
I’m ready to be bold. To colour my rainbow!


Fair and lonely

Hey girl, get your nose out of them books
The world only cares about your looks
Grow thin, grow fat, remove the tan from your face
Become fairer and prettier in a matter of days
Noone cares about what you have to say
All they want is a beautiful bae
So apply some make up and oil your hair
Look timid and shy if you can’t be fair
Atleast try to act like you are coy
And not voice your opinions in front of the boy
Remember this world isn’t very kind
To a girl who tries to speak her mind
And if very soon you don’t get married
As a burden you will be carried
By your father and mother and family that cares
While from others you get just sympathetic stares
So run. Go away. Go fly from your nest.
Unless, your life’s goal is to just look your best!

Bipolar relationships

How can someone still control your life?
When you are no longer their lover, girlfriend or wife.
How is it possible for them to still have this power,
As their hurtful words, over your life does hover.
Like a black dense cloud, ready to rain
Piercing through your skull, into your brain
Is this normal? Does loneliness feel this way?
Why then am I forcefully staying away?
Ha! Who am I kidding? Like this breakup was ever my choice
Given the person I am, do I even have a voice?
For the happiness and love I get, I better be grateful
Before even this relationship turns hateful.


Be progressive. It’s ok to love, I scream
But acceptance remains a mere dream
So what if I’m not yet your wife?
Has being just a lover stopped being nice?
Why are we still so regressive?
It’s 2018. Isn’t it time to stop being oppressive?
You are evolved, they say. Others have much to learn.
But a place in this society I’m yet to earn
Time will come soon when I’ll get my way
I hope it’s not too far away, that day
Coz I might decide to go away for a little while
Hey, I’m “Hindu”. I can be reborn when being humane gets back in style.

The talk

Get up, move, don’t waste your life
You are someone’s daughter, sister, someone’s wife
Is it enough to just lie crying
Give up on yourself without even trying
Have you ever thought of the potential you have wasted
Like the success before your breakdown you tasted
Do you not think you are capable of more
Or are you happy just lying in bed to snore
I pity the fool who lives such an existence
I thought you were better… Had more resistance
But gosh! Did you painstakingly prove me wrong.
You are really anything, but strong.

Yes… You may think I have given up trying
That about the pain in my head, I am lying
The noises, the voices, the echoing madness
Wrenching my heart with disturbing sadness
What do you know about the thoughts in my head
All you see is me always lying in bed
And when sadness switches to racing thoughts in my mind
You think you did me a favour because you were kind
Well yes, you didn’t ask for this life
To get me as a daughter, a sister or a wife
But before you create a fuss and make so much noise
Remember the difference between us is… YOU have a choice!