The talk

Get up, move, don’t waste your life
You are someone’s daughter, sister, someone’s wife
Is it enough to just lie crying
Give up on yourself without even trying
Have you ever thought of the potential you have wasted
Like the success before your breakdown you tasted
Do you not think you are capable of more
Or are you happy just lying in bed to snore
I pity the fool who lives such an existence
I thought you were better… Had more resistance
But gosh! Did you painstakingly prove me wrong.
You are really anything, but strong.

Yes… You may think I have given up trying
That about the pain in my head, I am lying
The noises, the voices, the echoing madness
Wrenching my heart with disturbing sadness
What do you know about the thoughts in my head
All you see is me always lying in bed
And when sadness switches to racing thoughts in my mind
You think you did me a favour because you were kind
Well yes, you didn’t ask for this life
To get me as a daughter, a sister or a wife
But before you create a fuss and make so much noise
Remember the difference between us is… YOU have a choice!


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