Bipolar relationships

How can someone still control your life?
When you are no longer their lover, girlfriend or wife.
How is it possible for them to still have this power,
As their hurtful words, over your life does hover.
Like a black dense cloud, ready to rain
Piercing through your skull, into your brain
Is this normal? Does loneliness feel this way?
Why then am I forcefully staying away?
Ha! Who am I kidding? Like this breakup was ever my choice
Given the person I am, do I even have a voice?
For the happiness and love I get, I better be grateful
Before even this relationship turns hateful.



Be progressive. It’s ok to love, I scream
But acceptance remains a mere dream
So what if I’m not yet your wife?
Has being just a lover stopped being nice?
Why are we still so regressive?
It’s 2018. Isn’t it time to stop being oppressive?
You are evolved, they say. Others have much to learn.
But a place in this society I’m yet to earn
Time will come soon when I’ll get my way
I hope it’s not too far away, that day
Coz I might decide to go away for a little while
Hey, I’m “Hindu”. I can be reborn when being humane gets back in style.