Fair and lonely

Hey girl, get your nose out of them books
The world only cares about your looks
Grow thin, grow fat, remove the tan from your face
Become fairer and prettier in a matter of days
Noone cares about what you have to say
All they want is a beautiful bae
So apply some make up and oil your hair
Look timid and shy if you can’t be fair
Atleast try to act like you are coy
And not voice your opinions in front of the boy
Remember this world isn’t very kind
To a girl who tries to speak her mind
And if very soon you don’t get married
As a burden you will be carried
By your father and mother and family that cares
While from others you get just sympathetic stares
So run. Go away. Go fly from your nest.
Unless, your life’s goal is to just look your best!