Parade Charade

Hey you, yes you in the grey
Aren’t you tired of being this way?
You’re the first to rally and colour your profile pictures
And when I come out, you gimme a lecture?
How long do you think you can run away from reality?
Feed me herbs, pray or get yogis to change my personality.
I just told you that I’m gay
Not that am an addict or going astray
To love who I want should be my choice
So stop this drama. Don’t make so much noise.
A man, a woman, both or none
Who I love doesn’t stop me from being your son
Broad minded that you are, I thought you’d beam with pride
But seeing the look in your eyes, a part of me died
Now I’m out of the closet, I won’t go slow
I’m ready to be bold. To colour my rainbow!