And today is the day I realised I have noone.

A family that doesn’t care.

Thinks that my bipolar is more of an inconvenience and an excuse for them to get sympathy from others.

Thinks that my ex R is better since they have to do nothing. My current guy might not be capable enough to support me when needed, then what?

Thinks that I’m the way I am coz I’ve never had to really be down in the dumps and fend for myself. Desperate enough to snap out and get my act in place.

Thinks that my sexual abuse since childhood by family, by the person I trusted the most, the physical abuse in my relationships, the abortion and death of my pet and my best friend all on the same day… Are all things everyone goes through. Just that noone makes a big deal of it.

Thinks that bipolar, BPD, DID and anxiety are just terms. Everyone feels all these things.

And… A partner who wants to be there for me, or so I think, but isn’t capable. 😦

I have noone. I have R. Always, hopefully.