Spot the difference

But why can’t you lose weight, she frowned
Another bag of chips, I smilingly downed
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do
There will always be something new

Something lacking something less
In a tidy little world, a tiny giant mess
An odd one, a black sheep, a misfit, a thorn
Something different from what they’ve always known

But is that bad? Aren’t differences cherished?
Or is the discriminated person blemished?
Who is to decide who is right
Is this a war you are willing to fight?

You hide your shortcomings under your make up
Afraid, when the dream ends and you have to wake up!
A bag of chips, and I’m ready to go
Is that the right way, I don’t know!

Maybe I’m good maybe I’m bad
But if beauty is the only criteria, you will be sad
Disappointed and depressed, coz I will lose
So let’s smile at the positives and call a truce