Day 90 part 1- A Goan day

After the fun times last night, A and I got a little physically intimate which overwhelmed me and then I played clash of clans till 4am. Finally I fell asleep and woke up at 7 along with A.

Since we both couldn’t fall asleep after that, we decided to head out for breakfast to a nice French bistro. We had a light tasty breakfast with tuna and black forest ham and mud pie and carrot cake with some smoothies and washed it all down with a nice black coffee.

After that we returned home, talked, rested and then went to the cafe to hang out with C. We made some tasty fish burgers, ridiculously yum beef burgers and a tried our hand at making a DIY lampshade using fevicol and twine.

After playing with Fi once back home, we all rested again till late evening and then went to my food truck where we had the tastiest chilly beef on bread and roast beef on bread. C has been in a good place since the talk last night and was active and fun today.

Now A and I plan to ride around for a while and head to mango tree with C once cafe is shut for the day. 🙂


Day 85 part 1- The mad morning

After going to sleep by 1am, I woke up at 5:30 feeling slightly tired and sleepy. I tried relaxing but I knew that mania would be hitting and I’ll just end up wasting time till 8 and then I’ll fall asleep and not wake up in time for breakfast.

So by 6 I chatted with C and decided to go have breakfast out since there was no power to cook at home. She was ready only by 7. So for that hour I played with Fi. The little thing was shivering in the cold and snuggled up to me when I went over.

Then she ran around, showed me how far up a tree she has learnt to climb, played with an imaginary mouse, and had loads of fun. 

Finally we headed out hunting for a good place to eat since the hotel C knew didn’t look like the food would be good for me, esp since doctor has told me not to eat from out. We were freezing and laughing and finally found a veg restaurant serving south Indian food.

So I had a tasty masala dosa and C had poiri bhaji. My treat.

Since C had to then rush to the city on some personal errand and her bike was at the cafe with the keys locked inside… She took my bike and dropped me at the cafe to wait for the chef to open up.

I cozied into a nice corner on the bench outside and read my Murakami while listening to Sia.

What a way to start a day! 🙂

Day 84- Day after date

I slept around 8 am after returning home at 6 and crying and obsessing over the giant loud mouth I was. I woke up at 2 and had a heavy lunch and a refreshing mix lemon soda for my hangover.

Then I spent a productive fun day chatting with C, going to the cafe, playing with Fi, rushing to the chef’s house when we thought her husband had met with an accident only to realise that he had gotten into a drunken brawl and then gone to sleep.

After C had her vent session regarding work stress, we decided to hog a nice meal from out since there was no power to cook at home.

So we shut the cafe early so that the chef could go home, bought a delicious 4 cheese pizza for C and a yummm butter chicken and naan combo for me and settled down at C’s place with some drinks.

We chatted and laughed and bonded. Nothing like butter and cheese with wine to wash it down to cheer both of us girls up 😉

 I returned home with a full stomach, in full Glee about my date which I discussed at length with A earlier today and ready to sleep.


Day 80 part 1- Supertramp it is!

What a day this was. I can’t even begin to explain where it started and where it went.

After my depressed day at home, I finally reached the cafe at 8. And then the adventures began!

The cafe was unusually full today. And several people had come to watch the Arsenal Man City game which I was promoting on social media. I even started getting responses on Twitter and FB. So yaaaay on that front.

A group of British guys ordered beer and some food which they didn’t really enjoy. Completely understandable. But I over heard them telling each other that maybe if I spent more time in the kitchen and less watching the match, the food would have been better. Now given the way I think I would have loved for them to know that this isn’t my food. It isn’t even the kind of food I like. But I couldn’t.

This however made me realise how much I don’t want to be selling or representing things I don’t believe in. 🙂

After that, the night got amazingly crazy. Details in the next post.

Day 79 part 3- Cook me up a meal

So after finally dragging myself off the bed, I made a nice lunch of grilled aubergine and chicken for myself. With a glass of fresh lime soda to wash it down while watching Gilmore girls.

With beef cooking on the gas for later, I guess I’m doing alright for how I’m actually feeling.

Nothing like a nice meal to keep you pushing a while longer. Its getting to that meal or wanting to eat it that’s my biggest hurdle.

Anyway, off to the cafe now. Thanks to all of you who have been reading and commenting. I’m sorry if my responses haven’t been great. But you guys give me the strength to go on. Thank you!

Day 78 part 1- The morning

So this morning I woke up at 8 after having sleepy for 4hrs. I decided to not continue sleeping but instead talk to A and then make breakfast and go over to C’s place. So with a yummmm mushroom bell pepper omelette, I went over to plan out the day at 9.

At 11 I returned home with evening plans since C was tired and sleepy and the rest of her plans she cancelled.

I suggested trying out the new menu dishes one by one at the cafe. Let’s hope she is interested. I get her, I really do. Don’t know why I still get frustrated with her. Think it’s my shortcomings I see in her.

Once back I chatted with A about both our dreams for the future, for our life, for everything. 

After about an hour an half, we both decided to get some sleep. 

I then had a couple of disturbing events which truly isn’t big but for me have been very unnerving.

All this tired me out and I fell asleep after only a light breakfast by 1pm. Now it’s 4pm and I’ve skipped lunch again.

When will I learn!!!

Day 77 part 3- Good day

Other than for the slight disturbances like hearing about A’s next trip, the anxiety of having to get my passport, visa, etc and figuring out how to tell R about all this… Today was a good day.

I finally went out in the day time and got some sun. Finally! After 3 days of being cooped up at home during the day and stepping out only at night.

I also bought beef. So now I can cook it again 🙂

I bought veg, etc, helped at the cafe and also interacted with some awesome customers at night. Now sipping a cold coffee with C while relaxing at the cafe, I’m happy.

First weekend of A and me being in a good mood at the same time. Has been awesome. Hope things work out.