Venomous journey

A little to the left he leaned.

My rickshaw driver. 

Trying hard to see ahead of the car blocking his view

No use.

Turning his handle bar all the way to the left, he inched forward.

As did the car in front.

And the one in front and the one in front

So my smart Alec driver moved all the way to the right

As did the car in front

And the one in front and the one in front

And all the vehicles swayed left and right as they inched forward

Crawling towards their common goal

Like a slithering snake through wet grass

Rythmic though the movements were

Can’t help but wonder, where is the poison sac?


Day 72 part 2- The great fallĀ 

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

On the broken shards of promises and resolutions

That pierce through the skin you thickened with effort

Making you supple and vulnerable

Pushing you to follow the destiny you fight 

While your dream path of hope lays untrodden 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Day 68 part 1- Valiant no more

All our dreams are sold

To the person with most power

Like eagles they soar and scour

And pounce on every hope that’s our

You might think a fight would be fought

Against a woe that is so old

A war braved by our troops so bold

Alas, on who the ones with power have hold

So what the point of all this trouble

If at the end we all just live in a bubble?

Where instead of riding towards our faith

We minimize losses and our profits we double.

Life, an experience

Time and again in your life

They come at will, and off they go

Avatars, they are all but the same

A lover, an abuser, a friend, a foe

A mere drop in your ocean

A page in your book of stories untold

They rock your world, good or bad

Your efforts to stabilize increase tenfold

So what do you do?

Stop letting them in?

Close your doors to their kindness and sin?

Will all the silence of loneliness then

Be able to reduce the din?

I say, pull the chain, stop the train

Have fun, get hurt, don’t numb your brain

Coz shut doors say no to all

The fun, the happiness… Even the rain.

Day 48- Tick tock

Why did I think things will be different?

To support or not is a matter of preference

And time and again a choice has been made

But to all the warning signals, a deaf ear I laid

Tick tock, the needles of the clock

Kids running round and round around the rock

Living the same day over and over

And every day my heart beats just a little slower.

Why did I think things will be different?

When to my own pains I’ve been indifferent

And tried to carry us on my shoulders

Didn’t learn a thing even as I grew older

Tick tock the needles of the clock

Pushes me closer to wrecking havoc

A fall from which there is no comeback

Alas, I’ve reached the end of my track.

Have you ever

Felt while lying on your bed

To take a knife to your head

And bleed till the end?

And after all the blood drains out and the organs hang in the hollow

The pain, the hurt, the anger that you’ve never been able to swallow

Float away, with your soul soon to follow.

Have you ever,

Been in such depths of despair

Though enveloped, you can’t breathe in the air

Coz with the past, the present and the future, life will never be fair!


That moment when you realise that you aren’t enough…

To compensate for your baggage, insecurities and limitations

For someone to take the effort to put up with all that to want to be with you, forever

To love you even though you aren’t whole

To give you what you want even though you don’t deserve it

 To be wanted. Loved. To be family.

You just aren’t enough! And no matter what you do… You never will be.