Birds of paradise

From childhood we are told to fit into boxes
Full of hypocrisy, biases and deadly toxic gases
Contrived replicable templates, with all sides squared
A merged wrapped identity, all of us shared

Cramped in my thoughts, restrained in my jacket
I tried to think outside this flower bracket
One day with my arms out, I stood up and stretched
Went from the Messiah, the angel to the devil, disgusting and wretched.

Names they called me, yet I didn’t let my soul die
But time and again they curbed my attempts to fly
I look to you with a final desperate cry
Set me free and see me soar high


Back to the future

High on adrenaline. High on life
I can’t seem to remember the time I was low.
Buzzing with thoughts. Crazily creative.
Was this the same mind, that was once slow?

Maybe it was a farce.
A ploy. An act for attention.
The pain, the sadness, the depression
Nothing more than an illusion

Buzzing with energy like a queen bee
Am excited, happy and wild.
Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon
From within, cried the depressed little child.

Masks of Inception

Manic phase, depression, anxiety in my head
‘Why can’t you get over it?’ everybody said
These questions, the stress, on them my demons fed
The madness, the craziness, like a charging bull seeing red.

Broken though my mind is I fought with my full soul
Piece by piece I jigsawed. I made myself whole.
Fighting for a space for myself. Creating my own role.
Climbing my way up, from the bottom of the totem pole!

Heavenly Garden

One stalk two stalk three stalk four
He used to bring her roses to her door
Dandies and lilies and orchids and buds
Meant so much more than random diamond studs
He chose with love, each little flower
A gift straight from his heart, for his lover
As each day she fought to survive
Her pain cut through his heart like a knife
He held her tight as there came a day
When her pain and struggles finally went away
He still chooses with love every rose
And without fail everyday he goes
Only that the bouquet has become a wreath
As his lover lies from the ground six feet beneath!

Parade Charade

Hey you, yes you in the grey
Aren’t you tired of being this way?
You’re the first to rally and colour your profile pictures
And when I come out, you gimme a lecture?
How long do you think you can run away from reality?
Feed me herbs, pray or get yogis to change my personality.
I just told you that I’m gay
Not that am an addict or going astray
To love who I want should be my choice
So stop this drama. Don’t make so much noise.
A man, a woman, both or none
Who I love doesn’t stop me from being your son
Broad minded that you are, I thought you’d beam with pride
But seeing the look in your eyes, a part of me died
Now I’m out of the closet, I won’t go slow
I’m ready to be bold. To colour my rainbow!

Bipolar relationships

How can someone still control your life?
When you are no longer their lover, girlfriend or wife.
How is it possible for them to still have this power,
As their hurtful words, over your life does hover.
Like a black dense cloud, ready to rain
Piercing through your skull, into your brain
Is this normal? Does loneliness feel this way?
Why then am I forcefully staying away?
Ha! Who am I kidding? Like this breakup was ever my choice
Given the person I am, do I even have a voice?
For the happiness and love I get, I better be grateful
Before even this relationship turns hateful.


Be progressive. It’s ok to love, I scream
But acceptance remains a mere dream
So what if I’m not yet your wife?
Has being just a lover stopped being nice?
Why are we still so regressive?
It’s 2018. Isn’t it time to stop being oppressive?
You are evolved, they say. Others have much to learn.
But a place in this society I’m yet to earn
Time will come soon when I’ll get my way
I hope it’s not too far away, that day
Coz I might decide to go away for a little while
Hey, I’m “Hindu”. I can be reborn when being humane gets back in style.