Fair and lonely

Hey girl, get your nose out of them books
The world only cares about your looks
Grow thin, grow fat, remove the tan from your face
Become fairer and prettier in a matter of days
Noone cares about what you have to say
All they want is a beautiful bae
So apply some make up and oil your hair
Look timid and shy if you can’t be fair
Atleast try to act like you are coy
And not voice your opinions in front of the boy
Remember this world isn’t very kind
To a girl who tries to speak her mind
And if very soon you don’t get married
As a burden you will be carried
By your father and mother and family that cares
While from others you get just sympathetic stares
So run. Go away. Go fly from your nest.
Unless, your life’s goal is to just look your best!


The talk

Get up, move, don’t waste your life
You are someone’s daughter, sister, someone’s wife
Is it enough to just lie crying
Give up on yourself without even trying
Have you ever thought of the potential you have wasted
Like the success before your breakdown you tasted
Do you not think you are capable of more
Or are you happy just lying in bed to snore
I pity the fool who lives such an existence
I thought you were better… Had more resistance
But gosh! Did you painstakingly prove me wrong.
You are really anything, but strong.

Yes… You may think I have given up trying
That about the pain in my head, I am lying
The noises, the voices, the echoing madness
Wrenching my heart with disturbing sadness
What do you know about the thoughts in my head
All you see is me always lying in bed
And when sadness switches to racing thoughts in my mind
You think you did me a favour because you were kind
Well yes, you didn’t ask for this life
To get me as a daughter, a sister or a wife
But before you create a fuss and make so much noise
Remember the difference between us is… YOU have a choice!

Mirror mirror on the wall…

How can you be better than you were meant to be
You may don a mask for the world to see
But as your heart aches to caress cruelty
You can all but focus your energy into spirituality

Does that really make you a better person?
Aren’t you just waiting for a reason to commit treason
Or are we only judged on our final actions
And from our image, the real us are mere distractions.

First step

How dare you speak to my mom like this
He asked pounding her with his fists
The pent up anger to his boss

Coming out in his blows
She suffered in silence as his parents watched without a care
And she thought to herself… Dare or stay there

Melting away in the summer sun
Carrying in her bags, a quarter of a ton
Provisions, that’s cheaper in this one far away place
Money saved gives her children fruits for a few more days
So what if her blood thickened to carry the weight
Veins are muscles too, aren’t they?
As usual she flagged down her bus
As usual he ignored her and cussed
Continued to roll the giant wheels on the tar
And stopped his bus 50 metres afar

50 metres
A mere second for Bolt, a lifetime for her
Yet wiping away her single tear
Limping with her shoe ridden with tears
She thought to herself… Dare or stay there

But when her child got a prize
Beaming with pride in her eyes
She rushed to hug and congratulate
But was greeted with disgust irritation and hate
Her warm gaze she turned to a stare
And finally thought to herself… I dare… And now, I don’t care.

Stop! She signalled with her raised hand.
Enough! She whispered to her husband.
Change… Coz you want to be spared
As I have dared… And stayed there!!

Life, a stage

When down in the depth of despair, and depressed

You write, you sing, you create, to impress

But have you ever wondered, the lost power of your words

Sometimes, less is more and more is less

Daily you cry your silent song

You wail, you weep from dusk to dawn

Then you dust yourself and put your mask on

Coz at all costs, the show must go on

Cntrl Enter

“He touched me here. He groped me so roughly, it hurt.” said Renu

“It was scary” shared Vinita. “He used to shut my mouth so that noone heard the screams”

Ritika looked around the room. She didn’t identify with any of the women. Or their stories. In fact she pitied them. Sympathised with their miserable existence. She wished she could help them or relate. But she couldn’t.

She was never abused. She was loved. Adored. So what if she was 8 and he was 38. She was in love. And if it was ok for the prophet, why wasnt it for everyone else?

Let’s end the session here, she suggested in her usual micromanaging tone. Ofcourse she wanted to be in control. She was used to it. She was always in control. Wasn’t she?